The Big Bike Revival Crewe & Nantwich 336 challenge

In conjunction with CTC the National Cycling Charity

Saturday 23rd May – Sunday 23rd June

Come along and be involved as we put Crewe on the map! Christian Concern are part of the national Big Bike Revival where we have the opportunity to promote bicycle re-use in Crewe and Nantwich. You are invited to join us at any point over the two weeks where we will be accepting donated bicycles. The challenge is to collect 336 bicycles in 336 hours. This challenge is to promote recycling and also promote sustainable ways to travel. It is well known that travelling by bicycle reduces congestion, improves health and allow communities to run more smoothly.

Please help us by advertising this to colleagues, friends and family as we want as many bicycles that are hidden away in garages and sheds to make an appearance, fulfil their potential and once again become useful. There will be short local rides, fun, games and competitions throughout the challenge to draw the community of Crewe and Nantwich together.

The grand opening of our pop-up shop (situated opposite M&S in Crewe) will be at 10am on Saturday 23rd May where we invite you come and join us for coffee and cake where we commence this community event. The pop-up shop will be open from 10am till 4pm daily where you can come to donate, learn bicycle maintenance and learn more about local cycling routes.