Projects & Objectives


Vision Statement 

A community that warmly accepts each person, drawing alongside one another in an authentic expression of Christian concern through which:

        • Practical needs are met
        • Personal goals are reached
        • Partnerships for change are forged

Our Mission In practice

In order to further our mission, we are constantly looking for ways to extend our services to the community through practical action. We are currently working on (and looking for volunteers for) a number of exciting new projects:

  • Community Café- now open on Fridays from 9.30 am
  • Community Hall- available for hire 

What we aim to bring to others

The aim of St Paul’s Centre is to bring hope, confidence, dignity and opportunity to local residents.  The centre tries to help those who are struggling for whatever reason.  This might mean providing emergency food, or even a bed to sleep on.  It could mean providing opportunities for re-training or learning a new skill. We love a challenge and want to try and help wherever we can.

St Paul’s Centre believes that each of us is made in the image of God with great potential.  The centre  works with other community organisations and churches to try and help people find dignity and purpose and  practical help when  needed.

Summary of what St Paul’s Centre does

The centre is involved in many projects all aimed at enriching the lives of local people.  We are well known for our Furniture Recycling, but do you know for example that we run a Bicycle Recycling Project?

Here’s a list of some of our projects:

  • Furniture Recycling and Sales
  • Bicycle Recycling
  • Training
  • Foodbank – St Paul’s Pantry
  • Starter Packs for young mums
  • Business and Community Space