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Making a Difference

Supporting adults with a learning disability

At St Paul’s Centre we are committed to helping adults with learning disabilities to engage and be an integral part of a working environment, ensuring that appropriate individual support is given to achieve this. We are committed to providing an individualised approach, through bespoke programmes of engagement built around practical responsibilities and activities that currently take place within the centre.  The nature of our work involves high levels of team work and cooperation as well as opportunity to develop skills related to practical responsibilities.

How are the placements funded?

Due to significant changes in funding over the last 12 months we no longer receive a direct budget from the council to provide our placements. Individuals now use their individual budget to pay an hourly rate of £14.20. Eligibility for this is assessed by Social Services. If however, you are not eligible private payment can be arranged.

Aiming for employability

The spirit of St Paul’s Centre is all about people transformation through engagement in practical activities. We stimulate an internal change of attitude which generates hope in a future yet undiscovered and confidence in reaching towards it. Through a process of engaging people in work based activities we create many opportunities for individuals to move away from supported placements with the hope of a sustainable independent way of working.

 What could I do if I came to Paul’s Centre?

  • Furniture Project– One of the main roles of the charity is to provide second hand furniture to those in need and for sale to the public. Furniture is collected in our vans, unloaded, cleaned and stored in specific areas in the centre.
  • St Paul’s Centre Cycle Project– We repair second hand bikes and prepare them for sale. This involves dismantling, cleaning, replacing and fixing bike parts.
  • Office Work– We have a main office where administrative tasks are carried out such as preparing leaflets or labels, photocopying, stock checking and laminating.
  • St Paul’s Food Pantry (Crewe Food Bank) –Food is donated from the local community, sorted, stored and bagged for delivery to clients who are referred to us through a number of agencies.
  • Sales Floor– Every Friday the centre holds a ‘Furniture Sale’ which is open to the public from 9.30am – 2.00pm. Assistance is needed to prepare the sales floor, this includes cleaning, sorting, displaying and pricing bric-a-brac items, clothing, books and toys.
  • Workshops – There is an additional opportunity to develop your academic skills such as computer literacy, numeracy, literacy, life skills and crafts at our workshops.

I am interested in joining the team at St Paul’s Centre – what should I to do next?

  1. Ring usand ask to speak to Rob Wykes (director) or Alexia Stockton (Development Coordinator for Vulnerable Adults) to arrange a tour of the centre and to meet the team.
  2. Taster Session – After your initial visit you are still interested in commencing a placement with us, we offer a taster session of 1 to 2 hours to come to the centre and participate in a range of projects. This will ensure that you are making an informed choice about joining our team.
  3. Personnel Form and Individual Plan – once you have confirmed your desire to begin a placement with us we will ask you to complete a detailed Personnel Form. From this we will create an Individual Plan that will be based upon your aspirations, interests and skills that you would like to develop. Eligibility for an individual budget will have been assessed and payment agreed.
  4. Weekly feedback – When your placement is underway we will ask you for weekly feedback on how you are finding the placement and make changes if necessary. Every six months we will carry out a review with you, your parents, carers and members of our staff to ensure that your role is suited to your needs, to plan for development of new skills and help you map your future journey.


Computer Club

We believe every individual, whatever their circumstances, deserves the opportunity to develop and grow. We want people to learn new skills and abilities and for them to leave our training courses feeling good about what they can do and what they can bring to their community. As such, we run a wide selection of training programmes supporting adult learning.

Jerry’s story

Jerry has just celebrated his 60th birthday; he’s been attending the Thursday morning computer training for 4 years. He began his journey with us after coming back to Crewe following the death of his wife who had been his carer.  Jerry a young married man in the navy was sadly in a car crash 35 years ago leaving him paralysed down one side with some brain damage.  His mum and dad took on the role of carer and were looking at activities for his son to be involved with when they attended an open day at St Paul’s Centre.

The story doesn’t end here, another tragedy hit the family with Jerry’s mum, Mary, dying but Jerry and his dad Roy continued attending. Jerry became more independent in the computer sessions, not needing dad who now volunteers in the Cycle Workshop during Jerry’s 2 hours of computing

Learning computer skills has given Jerry a new lease of life, he has learnt how to email, create cards and booklets. Roy has found great friendship within the Cycle Workshop and has a group of friends he never thought he’d have. This father and son describe us as being part of their family.

Our IT courses are perfect for people with learning difficulties, who simply wish to participate more fully in their community. We also believe in making learning fun and interactive and if you come along you might even make some new friends.

We have limited spaces and therefore booking early is always the best guarantee of securing a place.

If you know someone that you believe would benefit from some of our training please contact:

Here at St. Paul’s, we believe in creating hope, restoring dignity, building confidence and enhancing opportunity and what better way to do this for people than to offer them the chance to develop through learning and training. But we know we don’t know it all!. If you would like to share your experience with others and help them develop their skills, please get in touch.

Maybe you would like to help? We always need help to extend what we offer including, buying new training equipment, developing our training courses and of course we couldn’t possibly expect our trainees to turn up and not get tea and biscuits!

If you would like to find out more about supporting us in this way, please contact: