Donate Furniture

Donate Furniture

If you have furniture and other items that need a good home, we know just what to do with them. Here at St Paul’s Centre, we urgently need your reusable but unwanted furniture, bedding and kitchenware and that’s just for starters. To make it as simple as possible we’ll come and collect it for free.

Arranging a collection

If you wish to donate furniture or cycles and you wish to arrange a collection, this can be done in the following ways:

Our free furniture collection service runs between the hours of 9.00 am until 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

If you need to check what items we can accept and which we can’t before contacting us, please see the list below

If you are calling or emailing, it would be helpful to know what goods you wish us to collect, where you are located and what days and times would be most convenient to you. We do need there to be someone present when we attend a property.

Although we offer a free collection service, many people choose to make a donation to cover our running costs and to ensure that we can keep our vans on the road. If you would like to make a financial donation, you can do so online here or you can ask our collections driver for a St Paul’s Centre donation envelope.

What happens to the furniture?

At St Paul’s Centre we firmly believe in the philosophy of re-use. What may be old and unwanted to you will bring normality to families and individuals in the local community, who without our support would be struggling without what you consider to be the basics.

What would you do if you found yourself alone, or worse still, with your children trying to set up a new home after escaping from a violent relationship?

Where do you turn when you’ve just been released from prison and want to get your life back on track?

We believe in creating hope and restoring dignity to people’s lives and by donating your unwanted furniture you are supporting this philosophy by giving someone a fresh start. 30% of furniture donated finds its way into the home of someone who really needs it. We help distribute it to individuals and families on very low incomes who need furniture quickly and at a minimal cost. In an average year, 240 local hard pressed families received much needed furniture at low cost or for free. To access this help, those in need are referred to us from reputable and responsible community organisations. Surely this environmentally friendly reuse of your discarded items has to be a better option than the local tip.

And what about the other 70% I hear you asking? These items are put into our weekly Friday furniture sale and the money generated contributes to the cost of collecting and delivering furniture to those in need and to the employment costs of our delivery drivers, some of whom were unemployed before they took a job at St Paul’s Centre. You too can take advantage of the Furniture Sale – we get some great items which are available to you at a very reasonable prices.

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What we can accept

Any small items of furniture and bric-a-brac
Cot/ Travel Cot
3PS or Recliners (normally not a single arm chair)
Bed – double
Dining chair
Sewing machine
Bed – single
Dining table
Sideboard/Display Cabinet
Filing cabinets
Bedside Cabinet
Fire Surrounds
Sofa Bed
Stair Gate
Garden furniture
Headboard (Double)
Bunk/cabin bed
Headboard (Single)
Hifi Unit
Tumble Dryer
TV Unit
Chest of drawers
Ironing Board
Wall Unit
Kitchen cabinet
Coffee table
Mattress (Double)
Washing machine
Computer Desk
Mattress (Single)
Welsh Dresser
Cooker (Electric/ gas)
Wicker Furniture 

 Please note we are unable to take flat pack items that have been taken apart (except beds)

What we don’t accept

Bath Lawn Mowers and Vacuum Cleaners
Bathroom Suite Microwaves
Carpets Pianos
Cistern Lamps, Light Fittings
Computers, Printers, Scanners Sink
Child Car Seats Small Electrical Items (Hi-Fi/Radios, Lamps, Kettles, Toasters, TVs, VCR/DVD Players)
Doors Toilet
Dryer (spin)
Electrical Organs or Keyboards
Fridges, Freezers
Gas Fires, Gas Bottles
Gas or Electric Fires
King-size Beds/ Mattresses

All soft furnishings will require the fire safety label in their original state clearly attached to each item.