St Paul’s Pantry

St Paul’s Pantry (aka Crewe FoodBank) has been up and running now since March 2013. Inspired by our ancient faith and the actions of Jesus when confronted by crowds of hungry people we have drawn together in the basket we call St Paul’s Pantry food to share.  
We support individuals and families in crisis by providing emergency food in partnership with the local churches in and around Crewe.  Over 30 local churches and community groups are collecting packets and tins each Sunday and bringing them to St Paul’s Centre for sorting and redistribution. Our team is working with local organisations to support families through challenging times. We are working with organisations like Christians Against Poverty, Social work teams, Youth and Community workers to provide short term support for families while they get back on their feet.  These organisations get in touch with us and we then put together a food parcel to fit their family size.  
Many families in our community are experiencing hard times and the recent changes to benefits have thrown some families into crisis. The food parcels are given out from different churches around Crewe to suit the client. That way, those in need get to pick up a food parcel and receive a warm welcome and even sometimes something to eat there and then.
If you would like to chat to us about St Paul’s Pantry please give us a ring on 01270 586186 or email  – there are opportunities for volunteering and other ways that you or your church or organisation can get involved.