Cycle Re-Use ?

Crewe has a wonderful heritage of cycling, going back to the early 1900s when up to 10,000 cyclists could be seen leaving the railway works to the sound of a whistle. Nostalgia is not a good reason to consider an opportunity but it is a useful emotional memory to tap into when developing a new project at St Paul’s Centre.



Using our networks, we collect for refurbishment 400 cycles a year. We have a fully kitted out workshop in which 6 volunteers and one paid trainee transform cycles.

You can donate a cycle – hidden away at the back of your shed, collecting dust; it may be the potential for someone else to travel at low cost and a young person to learn new skills.

You could volunteer – our cycle workshop is an exciting and creative environment. Our volunteers are as diverse as any group you will find including a nurse and a retired engineer,

See St Paul’s in action – CLICK here

You could buy a cycle – on Thursday and Friday we sell the refurnished cycles at low cost, often under £40.


To donate Telephone 01270 586186 or Email






Sustainable Transport Awards 2014